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5 Amazing & Non-Touristy Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

By on June 25th, 2018

Myrtle Beach is a beachside city filled with vacation resorts, tacky tourist shops and 60 miles of lawn chairs, beach towels and tourists. But… don’t let that turn you away from having an incredible experience.

Myrtle Beach is also filled with beautiful boardwalks, friendly fisherman and miles of National Parks and Nature Reserves. While you might need to visit the Grand Strand and spend a day on the beach just to get the real touristic feeling of Myrtle Beach, there are a few things you’ll have to add to that bucket list if you’re interested in a unique and natural experience.

Myrtle Beach

I just spent a short week in Myrtle Beach in April and fell in love with the city more than ever before (Myrtle Beach has been a family holiday destination of ours for years).

Here are 5 amazing and non-touristy things to do while you’re visiting the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach.


Kayak through the Waccamaw River & Nature Reserve

Surround yourself by the river water and cypress trees as far as the eye can see on a kayak tour through the Waccamaw River. This is the perfect place for bird watching and animal spotting. The Waccamaw River is home to Herons, Wood Storks, Bald Eagles, Woodpeckers, Owls, Beavers, Deer, Otters and the odd alligator. While we were there exploring, we booked a tour with Great Escapes Kayak Expeditions and had an incredible time (not to mention the owners live on a beautiful chunk of land, raise pigs and goats as pets and have beautiful horses in their stable).

Myrtle Beach


Watch the Fishermen & Have a Cold Beer on the Pier

Depending on what pier you visit, you may or may not be greeted by tourists instead of locals. If you don’t mind the high price and high numbers of travelers visiting the pier, you can check out the piers closer to the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach. If you’re looking for an escape from the crowd, drive up to North Myrtle Beach and check out some of the quieter piers along the coast. We spent a good hour on the Sunset Beach Fishing Pier where we got free entrance onto the pier with the purchase of a $3.00 ice cold beer (don’t mind if I do).

Myrtle Beach Fishing


Find the Kindred Spirit Mailbox

If you’re already at the Sunset Beach Fishing Pier, then you’re about 1.88 miles from the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. This simple little mailbox actually saved Bird Island from extensive resort development and has allowed the island to remain as a nature reserve. The purpose of the mailbox is for people from all over the world to come, sit down, relax and write their personal thoughts, stories and dreams on a piece of paper. It might sound silly at first, but it’s quite an amazing little gem.



Enjoy an Authentic and Local Fish Dinner

If you can curb the temptations to eat out at The Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Fuddruckers or the all you can eat Calabash Seafood restaurants, there are some fantastic little local fish joints that are worth checking out (but that secret is safe with me). Even bigger restaurants like the Flying Fish Market on Barefoot Landing is quite a beautiful spot to sit down, eat the catch of the day and enjoy a beautiful sunset.



Spot Wildlife in the Nature

While the oceans sea life is quite spectacular too, many tourists decide to take the chartered boats on the water to for the big catches. Instead, try heading for the forests and marshes around Myrtle Beach that are filled with wildlife like turtles, bears, wild boar, alligators and an abundance of beautiful birds. You can explore areas like the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge, Bird Island Reserve, and Murrells Inlet.

Myrtle Beach Animals

I need to be honest, before heading to Myrtle Beach in April, I found pretty much nothing online about unique wilderness experiences. We decided to make it our mission to find the best non-touristic things to do in Myrtle Beach on a short, but sweet 5 day trip to the coast.

Myrtle Beach

What do you think? Was there anything else I should have added to the list?

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  1. Reply


    March 29, 2018

    I am so happy to have found this article. We are heading down to Myrtle Beach for the long weekend and were looking for some things to do off the beaten (touristy) path! Thank you for the ideas!! Happy travels!

    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      April 9, 2018

      Thanks, Jessica! I hope you had an amazing time! I was also down there for March Break this year – was a little cold, but beautiful none-the-less! 😀

  2. Reply


    July 20, 2018

    Also excited about this list!! I love finding all things natural and unique when traveling as the noise & waste associated with tourist traps doesn’t excite me. I’m heading to Myrtle this month so have added these spots to my list. Thanks for putting this together!!


    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      July 20, 2018

      I’m so glad it could help! I spent days trying to find “hidden gems” in Myrtle Beach that weren’t the top 10 tourist attractions and finally decided to do my own on-site research to write this post! PS. If you’re ever looking for a good local restaurant, Midtown Bistro is a great little place (that you 100% need to make a reservation for) and they have daily deals that are super yummy and super cheap!! I go there every time I’m visiting. 🙂

      Have an amazing trip!

      – Jenna