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Hostelling International South Africa: A Huge Thanks

By on March 12th, 2014

Well South Africa, it’s been a blast! We have met so many amazing friends and seen so many beautiful places along the way, it’s hard to believe we really have to leave now.

Drunken nights, relaxed nights, crazy days, exhausting days, surreal days, AMAZING DAYS! I was sitting at work one day searching up opportunities and cheap ways to travel South Africa. This has been a dream destination for me since I was younger and thanks to Hostelling International South Africa, I can now say my dream has officially come true!

After an essay and a Skype interview, I was in the running to becoming the next Hostelling International South Africa blogger. Courtesy of the interest that each hostel showed in hosting Alicia and I at their destinations, we have been able to take part in the trip of a life time!

If there is one thing we can say about this beautiful country it is that this place is so diverse! No matter where you end up it is a complete change from the last spot you visited. Never a dull moment in South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, there is always something new to experience, new to see, new to taste, new languages and new people to meet!

I wouldn’t have recommended any other transportation,Baz Bus hands down = THE BEST! By travelling South Africa with an organization like Hostelling International, you are guaranteed to have an amazing stay. Chances are after a month of backpacking you will land a couple bad hostel experiences. With Hostelling International, they select only the best hostels to be a part of their organization and because of that we loved EVERY moment at every hostel!


(Take a look at our bracelets from right to left – our souvenirs from each stop)

Soweto: Lebo & Maria – It was a pleasure to have stayed in Soweto at Lebo’s Backpackers, the culture shock is an amazing experience and the bike tour is an absolutely amazing way to get a feel for the African Soweto experience! We will never forget the amazing camp fires and friendly staff!


Drakensberg: Edmund – We will never forget your amazing homemade breakfasts and dinners, the soup and bread will be something we will NEED to come back for! Your hospitality was nurturing and we felt very at home with you and your 3 pups at Inkosana Lodge. The most beautiful landscape!


Durban: Michelle & Mickey – Happy Hippo was the start of our (hopefully) long lasting friendships with Yoni, Sapir, Paul, Till and Samir so (a little bias but) Durban was a place we will never forget. You two are an absolutely amazing duo and we had an amazing day on the beach, at the stadium and the crazy temples (haha). So much energy out of you Michelle! You are so amazing with such a great sense of humour!


Coffee Bay: David – It’s tough to remember half our time spent at Coffee Shack (haha) this place is party central. There’s not much needed to be said about Coffee Shack, EVERY SINGLE backpacker we have met along the way knows exactly what Coffee Shack is and has already heard many famous stories from other travellers. To us, we couldn’t of had a better time partying anywhere else in South Africa! The hostel was packed with backpackers and the village dinner was probably the best celebration and dancing we have ever experienced in our lives! Thanks for a remarkable experience!

DSC_0680 - Copy

Chinsta: Sal & Sean – I don’t even know where to start. Sal, you are like a second mother to us and we only knew you for 5 days. I WILL be coming back to Buccaneers in Chinsta at some point in the next couple of years. I fell in love with the kids at East Chinsta Pre-Primary and the incredible staff you have. I haven’t stopped thinking about how badly I want to come back to visit you, Sean and the rest of the Buccaneers gang! See you soon! 🙂 I already miss you!


HogsbackAway With The Fairies – A truly whimsical place! We are so grateful we were able to come visitAway With The Fairies in Hogsback. Not only do you have the cutest puppies in the entire world, but your pizzas are out of this world, the views are spectacular and the bath tub is NOT to be missed by any backpackers! We sent a lot of backpackers your way as we passed through other towns, thanks for such an incredible couple days!


Port Elizabeth & Jeffrey’s Bay: Taise – Port Elizabeth was short but sweet, the Seaview Predator Park was a blast! Tigers, lions, black leopards…. We had been waiting for an opportunity to play with these fierce felines and had the most amazing day here! We were very happy to be atIsland Vibe for more than one night, party all night, beach and shopping all day! The BEST rooms in South Africa with the most beautiful sunrise to wake up to. We have told everyone on route they NEED to go to Island Vibe!


Storms River: Michelle – Being in Storms River was like a sanctuary – so peaceful, so calm and so much to enjoy! You have sold us on wanting to buy our own Segways! We had an amazing stay at Tsitsikamma Backpackers! Short but so enjoyable! The most beautiful room! But my favourite part – the indigenous trees! Thank you so much for a great Tsitsikamma experience!


Plettenburg Bay: Maryna – You, Maryna are a mother away from home for us! The biggest sweetheart in the entire world spends all her time in Nothando Backpackers in Plettenburg Bay. We cannot wait to come back just to see you again! Monkeyland was the best day of my life and it was so nice to be able to spend the entire day with you and Oliver!

DSC_0011 - Copy - Copy

Oudtshoorn: Marius & Riaan – A bunch of studs and so incredibly accommodating! We didn’t even need to ask one question everything was already done well ahead of time! Incredible staff and everyone was so welcoming! Since day one, we had been looking forward to Oudtshoorn the most, the Cango Caves and Ostrich rides were a moment we will never forget! Backpackers Paradise was the best!


Cape Town: Lee & Tony – Where we nested for just over a week. We LOVE it here! Your staff at The Backpack(though sarcastic – cough, cough Lucas) are truly one of a kind. I don’t think you could hire any better workers than the ones you have now! Prudence, gessssh! Girl – you have the best energy, the best smiles and all of you are SO humorous! You take your guests out to party and really open up to making new friends! Not one second of boredom here, Cape Town kept us busy as bees and I can not imagine ending the trip anywhere else but here! No wonder you have been rated #1 so many times, you truly run THE MOST AMAZING hostel!

DSC_0567 - Copy

It’s been great South Africa! Until next time, Jenna Davis & Alicia Reis [If you have any further questions following our last official blog post please refer to any of the following and we would love to answer any questions you may have!] – – Facebook:Hostelling International South Africa

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