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10 Reasons to Visit Hacienda Real in Düsseldorf

By on January 31st, 2016

Date night is not something I regularly participate in seeing as there hasn’t been much time this year to really settle in. Well, it’s been 5 months since we first moved into our Düsseldorf apartment and we’re almost done!

Which means… date night is officially a thing for me. It’s wonderful. Not to mention it has allowed me to explore some of the cities most delicious gems across the neighbourhood. So here is just one worth mentioning as we indulged in a Latin American feast last week at Hacienda Real Düsseldorf.

Here are 10 reasons why you should also consider making a visit to Hacienda Real:

The Latin American Food is Excellent

I haven’t really explored my Latin American palate as much as I would like to. Typical dishes include tortillas, tacos, salsa and my all time favourite, guacamole. The menu at Hacienda Real blew me away. While I originally saw this place as a steak only restaurant I was amazing at how much more option there was for vegetarians and chicketarians (secretly thrilled there’s an actual term in Urban Dictionary for my food preference).

Hacienda Real

The Hacienda Staff are Friendly

It’s always wonderful having someone friendly serve you at a restaurant, it is what brings you back. It’s another thing to have a wonderful waiter/waitress who not only serves you with kindness, but also speaks your language. Though I enjoy practicing my German quite often, it was such a breath of fresh air to have someone speak English to me and then immediately switch into German for my boyfriend.

Hacienda Real

There’s 5 Euro Cocktails During Happy Hour

If you know Düsseldorf, you likely already know it’s a pretty expensive city if you’re looking to go out for drinks and after work cocktails. I found my favourite spot along Bolker Str. with 6 Euro cocktails and considered it a steal – that was also the only reason I even tempted to walk through the busiest street in the city. Now, situated perfectly along the Rhein Promenade with a summer patio, I’m heading to Hacienda Real for 5 Euro drinks!

Hacienda Real

There’s Half Priced Wine on Thursdays

Done. Sold. Half priced bottles of wine of Thursdays is the perfect reason for you to head there for date night… or ladies night.. or expat night.

Hacienda Real

Hacienda Real has the Perfect Patio Bar for the Summer

I’m beyond eager to invite all you guys to kick off the summer (I know it’s still winter) for some drinks on the patio at Hacienda Real. Don’t be surprised if you see an event come up where I’m inviting you all for happy hour to meet, mix and mingle!

Hacienda Real

Hacienda Real is Located Directly on the Rhein Promenade

Might I add that Hacienda Real is located directly on the Rhein Promenade and is also affordable… leading to my next point.


The Menu is Affordable!

It’s so hard to find a classy spot along the Rhein Promenade where you’ll find meals under 15 Euros. Grab a taco plate for 10 Euros or so and a cocktail, your bill still won’t push the bank.

Hacienda Real

Hacienda Real is the Perfect Locations for Events and Parties

I’ve recently started working with Travel Massive and have just planned our first event of 2016 to be hosted at Hacienda Real. They’ve got a great set up with a TV for presentations, a bar and space to stand as well as numerous tables and an outdoor patio.

Hacienda Real

Hacienda Real is a Family Run Business

Due to the nature of planning our upcoming Travel Massive event, I got to meet the brains behind the business. It really opens up your eyes and allows you to appreciate the place more when you know that it’s run by a genuine, kind and loving family.

Hacienda Real

The Ambience is Wonderful

Hacienda Real takes you to Latin America as soon as you enter the door. The decor, lighting, table settings and staff make this place a perfect getaway for the evening.

Hacienda Real

Please note: This is not a paid post. For more exciting things to do around Düsseldorf, check out the following posts: The Best of Unterbilk and 5 Speedy Ways to See Düsseldorf in One Weekend.