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Glamping Sites Across Europe
Glamping Across Europe
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5 Fantastic Glamping Sites Across Europe

By on April 22nd, 2016

There’s no doubt that glamping has stolen my heart in the passed couple of years, so I’ve teamed up with Jess of Tripelio to put together 5 fantastic glamping sites across Europe.

Travel has changed in recent years. The untouched, isolated wilderness has been tamed as developments in technology, economy and transport has meant that previously unknown venues have been made accessible and enjoyable to those who aren’t prepared to hike for days on end and sleep in bags next to the fire at night.

Now, camping is no longer just a pursuit of the scouts, mountaineers and wildlife enthusiasts. The rickety canvas porches and cramped sleeping compartments have made way for a much more luxurious type of holiday: glamping. An amalgamation of the phrase “glamorous camping,” glamping sites have begun to spring up all over the world as the increased comfort and homeliness these first class tent set ups offer are allowing millions to experience some quality time in nature without the hassle and discomfort of a traditional camping trip.

Europe has by no means missed out on the glamping revolution and is home to many of the greatest glamping sites in the world. Here are just five of the numerous amazing places to stay that the continent has to offer for those looking for a higher-class way to experience the great outdoors.


Chappara Eco Lodge, Spain

This eco-lodge in the very southern Andalucian area of Spain is a testimony to the great success that glamping has become. As an eco-friendly alternative to hostels, hotels and guesthouses, guests can enjoy lively communal areas where they can get to know other glampers, as well as enjoying their own secluded space to rest and relax in.

The tents themselves are spacious yurts that are idyllically situated between the fruit and nut trees of the sites woodland and its hillside location comes with a beautiful view over the sea. The yurts come with their own double-bed, wood burning fire place and private orchard terrace so are more than equipped for the glamorous camping experience. The communal area has cooking and storage facilities, a WiFi area, bar and swimming pool and guest can also enjoy the vegetable and herb gardens alongside the sites clean and fresh spring from which all the water is sourced!

Glamping Across Europe

Photo Credit: Go Glamping


Défi Planet, France

This exciting and individual site in central France brings a unique spin to the glamping experience and is the perfect stop for anyone traveling with children. As part of an entire entertainment park, Defi Planet offers some special choices of accommodation alongside the traditional yurts and caravans. Glampers can chose to enjoy their time away in tree top castles and mushroom shaped huts, as well as snail, chicken, rabbit and even elves houses! The most upmarket option available is the “Manor in the Trees” that comes with electric heating, jacuzzi, two shower rooms and a full kitchen, but even the simplest of accommodation here comes with electricity, double beds and a simple dining area.

Glamping Sites Across Europe

Photo Credit: DéfiPlanet


Clissman Gypsy Caravans, Ireland

This quaint little site in the Wicklow Mountains, near Dublin, is perhaps one of the best ways to gain an understanding of the country’s gypsy heritage. Each room is a unique yet traditional horse-drawn caravan—without the horse, obviously—situated in a secluded park, way out in the Irish countryside. Although the site offers the opportunity to take the caravans out on the road for the braver travelers, glampers can remain comfortably onsite where the shared shower and toilet blocks, common room, laundry and camp fire area provide a comfortable and relaxing experience.

As the site itself is based on a farm, you can share your experience with a delightful array of farm animals, including an extremely charismatic donkey and horse. It’s also remarkably close to the beach and coastline, and guests are recommended to bring a bike so they can enjoy everything the local area has to offer.

Havran Cottage, Slovakia

Although it’s never going to break the bank, glamping is—unfortunately—a more expensive pursuit than its more affordable, yet less comfortable, little brother. However, this great little place in Slovakia offers the full glamping experience for a fraction of the price. Each tipi is a mere €20 and comfortably houses a family of five.

Based in the Banksa Stiavinca volcanic mountain range, only two hours away from neighboring cities, Budapest and Bratislava, the site is in the heart of the amazing, and largely untouched, Slovakian countryside.

There are many woodlands, lakes, fields and mountains to explore so it’s a great choice for nature lovers. There are also many local folk-festivals and craft markets that the site’s owners highly recommend guests check out in the surrounding villages. The site itself, like many glamping sites, prides itself in its eco-friendly attitude and is complete with its own composting toilets, recycling systems and sustainable business plan.

Glamping Sites Across Europe

Photo Credit: Holiday in Slovakia


Podere Pianetti Glamping, Italy

Finally, this beach-side glamping site in Tuscany, Italy is a great way to enjoy the warm summers that southern Europe has to offer. The tents themselves are well-equipped safari lodges that come with four beds, shower room, jacuzzi and a full kitchen. The porch is set up as the perfect relaxing space with a couch, gas powered BBQ, WiFi and satellite TV. The site even provides two private bikes for every tent, so guests can easily access and enjoy the surrounding area.

The site is just 400 meters from the nearest beach so is the perfect spot for those who love their holidays with sun, sand and sea. As well as a fantastic location, this site boasts beautiful orchards and gardens, with fruit trees and an herb plot available for guests to help themselves from! There are also vegetables being grown, but they are sold, alongside their self-produced olive oil, in the site’s shop. Perhaps the most luxurious of all on this list, this Italian getaway is sure to impress even the most fancy of glampers!

Glamping Sites Across Europe

Photo Credit:

The glamping revolution is upon us, and it’s easy to see why, as so many sites such as these pop-up to provide a luxurious and relaxing experience while still allowing guests to be eco-conscious and save some money on the way.

Which of these glamping sites would you love to visit? Or are there even better ones out there that you think deserve a place on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

I would like to thank Jenna for publishing this article. Her site is a great place to get ideas for eco-friendly traveling ventures and enjoy the stories of her own adventures. After reading this, I highly recommend you check out her post on the best type of sustainable travel accommodation!


Jess is the brains behind Tripelio. She has spent the passed 3.5 years exploring the world with no plans of settling down soon. Jess has graciously written up this post on Give for Granted to help inspire our readers to travel sustainably.  

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