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The Ultimate Guide to Booking Flights

By on February 7th, 2015

There was a time where I’d bounce back and forth between 20+ flight booking sites before finding a decent price to book at. I would go crazy… I could spend hours online before actually finding a flight that I was even remotely content with only to find the page expire and losing the only flight I had interest in. Feel me here?

booking flights

Luckily through much trial and error as a travel blogger, I have developed a pretty concrete strategy which I am now going to share with you. I’ve gotta be honest, it doesn’t just happen, it definitely takes time to find the sites you like best and the methods you love to follow (it also depends where you’re flying from – Canadians will benefit more from my method).

1. Be Flexible with the Dates

There is no easier way to find cheap flights than being flexible. I have heard so many times that people can’t be flexible because they’ve booked the time off work already or they’ve got other plans before and after the dates. I mean, hey, your decision… but if you want a cheap flight, take my advice. Book the flight and then plan your trip, call your boss while you’ve got the flight details open. Always tick the “+/- 3 days” or “I am flexible” buttons.

booking flights

2. Be Flexible with the Locations (Departure & Arrival)

There are expensive airports and there are cheaper airports. Through trial and error you will soon figure out which are best for you. For example, while I’m in Germany I tend to get cheaper flights out of Dusseldorf or Frankfurt than I do from Munich or Berlin. Check your surrounding locations, perhaps you can go on a little weekend trip before your flight to a different city. For Canadians – many people choose to fly out of Buffalo, USA rather than Toronto Pearson.

3. Always look for Promo Codes

How? It’s as simple as going to and typing in “flight promo codes for {airline or flight search engine}. You might no always be lucky but it’s worth a shot!

booking flights

4. Compare a few Recommended Sites

This is going to be the most time consuming part of your search. After years of experience I have come up with a few sites that I always come back to. For Canadians – here are my suggestions:

booking flights

5. Consider Multi-City Flights

For myself, this is a really fun way to book flights. I’m always up for a short trip in between, before or after my main travels and I usually have a great time! Consider booking multi-city flights for cheaper rates. For example, Flying out Milan, Italy –> Toronto, Canada and then returning from Buffalo, USA –> Frankfurt, Germany.

booking flights

6. Book on a Monday or Tuesday

There are always some exceptions to this rule, but it usually makes for a very good base. Flights are all round usually a little cheaper when booking on a Monday or Tuesday. Why? Because people are at work, they’re busy, it’s the beginning of the work week, there is no time to relax. Evenings and weekends are when people start to calm down from a busy day to hop online and look for a getaway vacation. Don’t be that person.

7. Fly on a Monday or Tuesday

Again, sometimes you get lucky and your flight isn’t departing on a Monday or Tuesday, but you will often notice that weekend flights are much more expensive. It is simply due to supply and demand in the world of flight prices and I get it, it makes sense.

One last word of advice?

Please, just be FLEXIBLE. It is the most important thing you can do when booking your flights.


Wanna book a flight with me?! I’ve planned a new adventure to a city that I hold so dearly to me… can you guess?! Check it out in the video below:

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