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My inspiration stems from so many parts of my life today. Following along with other incredibly talented bloggers is what keeps me moving forward and doing what I do today. Give them a read, like, follow, what ever you prefer! These bloggers deserve the world and give nothing but their kind hearts and love as they lightly trek across the globe.

Slow Spirit Blog

I met the twins of Slow Spirit Blog at TBEX Athens back in 2014 and was absolutely amazed by the work that they’ve done and the projects they embark on during their travels. Greg, Rafaela, Gui and Sophia are a quad group of travel bloggers that put all their stories and inspirations on one wonderfully organized platform. They all share a passion for travel and living an alternative lifestyle which is ‘slow spirited’ and also helping to create a path toward more sustainable tourism.

Our main goal is to make the most out of every moment by taking things slow and respecting the environment.

One of my favorite posts on the Slow Spirit Blog is their discussion about menstrual cups and it’s benefit to your wallet and to the environment. Check it out here: Girls on the Road 


Green Global Travel 

I haven’t had the pleasure to speak with Brett and Mary from Green Global Travel, but I was able to sit in on a presentation that they held at TBEX Athens in 2014. The presentation was all about ‘Branding for Bloggers’ but at the same time taught me a lot about how I wanted to re shape my platform for 2015 moving onward. Brett and Mary are a wonderful duo blogging about eco-tourism and wildlife conservation.

We launched Green Global Travel because it is our dream to save the world, one story at a time.

Here is one of my favorite reads from their blog: What is Glamping?
A look into the world of luxury camping and everything ‘eco’ it has to offer!


Let’s Roam Wild

Emily is a travel blogger I managed to find my way to through the world of Twitter! I would love to meet this beauty in person as she carries many similar beliefs as I do in many different ways. She picked up from a regular life and did what many people only wish they could do – she packed her bags and hopped on a plane solo for a life of adventure. Though her blog as a large focus on slow travel, most of the travel opportunities she embarks on are always sustainable ways of tourism.

Just take a look at this post: Cooking on the Farm. Emily supports local culture, local produce and local tourism!

I like to slow travel, meaning more time in less places so I can truly connect to the people and places I visit.


No Hanging Around

There is no story more inspiring than the story that comes from Derek Cullen of No Hanging Around. An Irish blogger and motivational speaker who has already biked across Africa and has plans in the works to walk solo across Iceland in March of 2015

I haven’t met Derek yet but I hope to cross paths in the future at some point, perhaps even jump in on one of his motivational speeches somewhere across the globe. If walking and biking across the globe isn’t sustainable, I don’t know what is!

Take a gander through a couple of his most inspiring posts online:
How to Live with Memories and Look Forward
A Church to End the Storm


A Southern Gypsy

Ashley and Kaleb seem to be like the power couple of all travellers – amazing together but stable and just as amazing apart (when it needs to be that way). The two of them travel the globe to inspire others to engage in outdoor travel. Jump off the bandwagon of exploring your ‘typical tourist sites’ and embrace the earth a little more.

It doesn’t always have to be ‘eco-travel’, but going on a hike instead of taking the next helicopter tour across the mountains is a sure fire way to deem you a more sustainable traveller.

Ashley shares tips and tricks to outdoor travel including adventure destinations, lodging accommodations, tips and tricks and her own personal travel gear recommendations.

Though they make be adventure seekers, nothing has stopped them from volunteering when possible! Check out a couple of their volunteer experiences along the way:
Volunteering with Elephants
Volunteering at the Surin Project 


Are you a travel blogger? Do you partake in sustainable travel? Would you like to be featured? Send me an e-mail to with your logo, social media links and a small bio on what makes you a sustainable traveller! 

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    Love that list! I found other super amazing travel bloggers to inspire me!

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    I am a Travel planner as you can see from my website
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