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The Perfect Berlin Bike Route Along The Spree River

By on April 13th, 2017

The number of visits I’ve taken to Berlin has officially surpassed double digits, which means I’ve pretty much seen all and done all that you can do on TripAdvisor’s list of top sights. So, I decided to do something different, something…

Travel Tips

Secrets to Making the Best out of ITB Berlin as an Influencer

By on March 15th, 2017

After four years of ITB Berlin celebrations and networking, I learn a little bit more each and every time I come home with that ITB hangover. Here are some of the most helpful secrets to making the best out of ITB Berlin as an influencer. 

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Travel Tips

The Unfortunate Disadvantages to Long-term Travel

By on January 8th, 2017

Fancy taking a trip to an exotic foreign locale in the coming weeks or months? While some vacations last a matter of days, others will carry over to the point where you slowly begin to feel like something of a native.

However, while on the one hand, that’s…


Hi, I'm Jenna. I am a Canadian expat living in Germany and blogging my way through sustainable travel. I'm here to help you ease yourself into travel that's a little more sweet for our earth. I make mistakes on a daily basis, but that's what the blog is for - learning and growing! See you on the road!

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