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How To Choose the Right Voluntourism Project

By on August 7th, 2015

I’ve had this chat with many people time and time again. Those who feel they are more educated than the average citizen often believe that voluntourism is a terrible…


Where I’ve Been

By on April 14th, 2015

Where I’ve Been

I mean, hey… who’s keeping track? Right?

To all the people and organizations that I’ve met along the way who have inspired me to push further and strive…


Travel Diary

These Are My Biggest Regrets In Life and Travel

By on June 18th, 2014

Most of the time when people ask me ‘what is your biggest regret in life?’ I simply say, ‘I have no regrets, I learn from my experiences and that’s…


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Is Travelling to Machu Picchu Really Worth It?

By on June 9th, 2014

The thing about these numerous wonders of the world is that most of them are either overrated or about to disappear out of existence.

Well, is Machu Picchu really worth…


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Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambodia

By on March 12th, 2014

I know it’s tough to fathom ‘how I can possibly be taking another break away from my holidays already’. Let me tell you, terms abroad are not just a…