The TRUE Berlin Experience | Michelberger Hotel 

The Michelberger Hotel is an experience in itself when visiting Berlin. People are welcomed from all walks of life to come in for a healthy breakfast, watch a soccer game and have some beer or stay as a guest at the hotel.


Through my years of travel experience thus far, I have never been welcomed with such a warm greeting. After checking in, the wonderful receptionist provided us with ice-cold refreshing coconut water [their own brand shipped from Thailand in partnership with an organization]. Our breakfast tokens were tiny little wooden cutting boards with crafted apples and a butter knife – this might sound so silly but to me, little things like this cute breakfast token really make me feel special!

All of the staff I encountered were fantastic! I felt more at home at the Michelberger Hotel than I have any other hotel in Berlin and I was surrounded by beautiful, kind-hearted people. I don’t believe that I have ever tipped a server at an all you can eat buffet before, after all, you are serving yourself. The waitress at the Michelberger was so sweet and helpful that we gave our first hotel tip in Berlin to this wonderful server! I came home after a night of drinking, purchased a ‘chicken box’ and was ready to make my way up to the room for some late night drunk food. Unfortunately I was denied entry by the security. The best part of being denied is that he apologized and sat down with me while I ate my late night meal. The cutest!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Though small and quaint, my hotel offered all the needed amenities and more. The design of the room and decoration was an added bonus. There were fresh towels, laundry services, tv, books and a wonderful organic brownie and fresh picked strawberries upon my arrival!

Food and Drinks
The downside to travel is that I always find an excuse to allow myself to eat shit food. The food and drink at the Michelbergerallows you to stuff your face full, while still eating homemade, organic foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wonderfully delicious and to top it all off, I could have spent all day in the breakfast room, I was in love!

Common Area
The common area is open to hotel guests and the public. There are TV screens, books galore, a bar, restaurant and couches everywhere. On my second night at the Michelberger we sat down to watch a soccer match with about 100 other people. We were hoping for draft beer but the bar mentioned they did not carry it. Though my boyfriend seemed a little disappointed he came back to me with a smile and told me that the bartender had suggested we visit the ‘hidden bar’ up on the first floor where we can get all the draft beer we want. I love ‘hidden’ anything and it was a pleasant surprise walking into a hotel room and finding a trendy little bar area where the soccer game was playing. :)

Right outside the door were the trams and subways. A five-minute walk can get you to all the hottest clubs in Berlin and right around the corner is Berlin’s famous East Side Gallery. Hungry and looking for a late night snack? Right outside the Michelberger Hotel there are about 10 different restaurants within 10 steps of the front door. Asian noodles, chicken box, french fries and much more are all around 3 Euros each… needless to say I went so crazy on food that most of the weekend I had no room for alcohol!


– Free WIFI
– Complimentary drink upon arrival
– Welcome gift
– Free ‘alternative’ walking tours
– Wonderful staff
– The ‘secret’ bar
– Vegan/Organic food options
– GREAT location

– Though I searched high and low to include a complain on my blog, the only thing I could come up with is that I couldn’t eat my drunken food in my own room. Given that this sounds a little greedy, I decided that I have no complaints as the Michelberger is WONDERFUL!


I give the Michelberger Hotel a high 5 out of 5 stars! The next time I am in Berlin (which will hopefully be soon), I will definitely be staying at the Michelberger Hotel!

To book your own bed at the Michelberger Hotel, visit their booking page to select dates and price points.


Give for Granted was sponsored as a guest through VisitBerlin. All words and thoughts are as always, my own. For more information about visiting Berlin, feel free to visit the Berlin Tourism website.


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